Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President   Vice President/Program Chair   Treasurer/Finance Chair
Wayne Walls  

Wayne Walls   Marianne Shaw   Jolene Burgess
Secretary   Delegate to AARC   Alternate Delegate to AARC

Monique Steffani   Jeffrey Davis   Rob Bautista


Region Presidents

Northern Region President   Greater Bay Area Region President   Central Coast Region President



Kevin Rodriguez   Michael De Peralta   Matthew Mendoza
South Coast Region President   Inland Empire Region President   San Diego Region President




Barish Erenler    Cynthia Zaragoza    Donna Murphy


Committee Chairs

Audit Chair   Bylaws/Judicial Chair   Communications & Outreach Chair
Vacant   Michael Madison   Ashley Sandoval
Governmental Affairs Chair    M.A.R.S. Chair   Membership Chair
Theresa Cantu
  Gary Phelps
  Elayne Rodriguez
Nominations & Elections Co-Chair   Nominations & Elections Co-Chair    
Pat Tobin   Mel Welch    

Ad Hoc Committee Chairs & Appointees

Medical Advisor   Disaster Chair   Professional Advancement Chair
Vanessa Walker, MD   Marianne Shaw   Krystal Craddock
Sputum Bowl Chair   Student Liason   AARC Military Liaison
Michael Terry   Dinnel Bornstein   Michael DePeralta
CoBGRTE Liason   CTS Liaison    
Mark Goldstein   Krystal Craddock    

Executive Office

Executive Director   Executive Office Staff Member   Executive Staff Member
Dave Wenhold   Jo-Ann Sherwood   Will Krieger
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