The object and purpose of the corporation is to support the establishment and funding of education and research in respiratory care and to promote and increase the public awareness of the Respiratory care profession.

Mission Statement

The California Respiratory Care Foundation is dedicated to promoting education and research in respiratory care by increasing public awareness of the Respiratory Care Profession.

Board of Trustees

About CRCF

Members of the California Society for Respiratory Care Board of Directors have always supported Respiratory Therapy education both to students and Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs). Student and RCP awards were created to support the learner in their educational endeavors. Over time, the CSRC grew and acquired a 501(c)(6) status, but this created a challenge under existing tax laws for qualifying as a 501 (c)(6) for continued awarding of financial support for learners.  

In 2010, members of the CSRC board developed a foundation and named it Seventy Square Meters (70m2), which provided the organization with its own 501 (c)(3) for the intent and purpose of the continued provision of funds to learners. The name came from a bit of Respiratory Therapy trivia taught in many texts and amongst educators; “The total surface area of all alveoli in a healthy adult set of lungs is approximately 70 square meters, or 800 square feet (approximately the size of half a tennis court).”

In 2019, the name was changed to California Respiratory Care Foundation (CRCF) to better reflect the relationship between the CSRC and the foundation. The CRCF continues its mission to promoting education and research in respiratory care by increasing public awareness of the Respiratory Care Profession.

How We Give

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How We Give

The CRCF has many different means of fund-raising. This includes product promotional sales, silent auctions, and donations. The goal for the CRCF is to receive sufficient funds in the bank, conservatively invested that the dividends can be used in in providing student awards without tapping the principal. Each year, the CSRC has generously donated to the CRCF in support of RT students from the net proceeds of Regional and State education events. The CSRC State and Regions make selections for the various awards listed and notify the CRCF of the selectees. The CRCF reviews the selections and make the presentations at key events like the CSRC Annual Conference, Tahoe Conference and Student Nights.

And you can give too! We encourage you to consider making a donation – please click on the donate button to view the many options in which you can give a gift which supports the future of the Respiratory Care profession!