Student Levels

Student Membership Payment Options - Individuals who are enrolled in a respiratory therapy program are eligible for Student Membership. Student members shall have all the rights and privileges of the Corporation except they shall be non-voting members. Student members shall be eligible to hold appointed positions.

Utilizing a few of the member benefits can more than pay for an entire membership!
  • Discounts on Annual Convention ($90 savings!)
  • Discounts on the Law & Ethics course ($20 savings!)
  • Weekly Pneusbrief 
  • Job Board
  • 10% discount on tuition with partnering educational institutes!
  • Access to RC Squared Online Research Journals & Posters
  • Free social events and activities
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Stay informed with free access to CEUs
  • & so much more!

Notice: 10% of your dues are not deductible as a business expense due to the extent CSRC engages in lobbying activities.

Membership Levels:

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