Active Levels

You must be an AARC member for this option.  If not, click here to join California only.

CSRC Active Membership - Individuals are eligible for Active membership if they are an AARC Active or Life member in good standing. Active Members shall have the right to vote and hold office as well as all rights and privileges of the Corporation and its subdivisions. Utilizing a few of the member benefits can more than pay for an entire membership!
  • Discounts on Annual Convention ($90 savings!)
  • Discounts on the Law & Ethics course ($20 savings!)
  • Weekly Pneusbrief 
  • Job Board
  • 10% discount on tuition with partnering educational institutes!
  • Access to RC Squared Online Research Journals & Posters
  • Free social events and activities
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Stay informed with free access to CEUs
  • & so much more!
New Graduates - see below for the different specials. 

Active Membership Payment Options - note some options include recurring billing.  To opt-out of recurring billing please contact the CSRC Office by email or phone: 888-730-2772.

Notice: 10% of your dues are not deductible as a business expense due to the extent CSRC engages in lobbying activities. 

Membership Levels: